Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did I win?

I was just over on The Student Knitter (, and want to win her first giveaway--so! If you want to win some yarn, go check out her 100th post for entries.
I haven't been on the innerwebs for a while, due to some computer problems, and I'm sooooo glad to be able to get back online! The Plaid Patrol has been frantic for access to the web, for the past two weeks. Which is only half as long as Plaidman has been an ex-smoker!! Yes, friends, he's done really well with the over-the-counter smoking cessation aid, much better than he did with the prescriptions he'd tried. I truly believe he got a bad scare about his heart, and that changed his attitude about the smoking. I lost my mother to the effects of smoking more than ten years ago; her lung cancer was found incidentally to treatment of her heart problems. Ever since, DiscoDame & I have been after the Plaidman to quit.
Speaking of DiscoDame..have I mentioned that she's finished her courses at the junior college, and now has an Associate degree in Computer Science? I have a college grad living in my home! but not contributing to the household economy! God only knows when she will......
We're getting ready to go the washomat, & Plaidman has a button that needs to be reattached before we go. No rest for the weary!
Sure hope I win that yarn!

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