Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving traditions

I'm not expecting guests, and I'm on vacation. So why am I cleaning house? It may be part of my upbringing (thanks, Mom!) that major holidays are always preceded by lots of housework. One of the projects I've tackled is going through the stacks of paperwork that the Plaidman has accumulated. So far I've been through 5 stacks of old & new bills, trying to find the most current versions. No wonder we've been plagued by creditor calls; there's no system for keeping current. The Plaidman would just put mail down on whatever surface was handy, and add to that stack until it fell over. I've thrown out no fewer than five 4-gallon trash bags of just the envelopes (most were unopened!) and ads enclosed with various bills; anything with names & address & account numbers will be shredded first -- provided I find the power cord for the shredder. [quik check: anyone else thinking of The Shredder from TMNT?] I think I should take over the mailbag duties, and institute a system for keeping track of what's currently due. Things might not get paid, but at least we'll know where to find the bill!
I have been working on holiday knitting for the folks at work, and I've come to the conclusion that I need to transfer to a smaller department! So far, I've got 3 finished hats + 2 in progress, 4 pairs of slippers + 1 pair in progress, and just need 6 more items to fill the bill! I believe I'll work up some neckwarmers -- they look pretty quick to knit. I got a slough of Moonlight Mohair from the Big Lots store (I think I paid $1.50/ball--woot!), which would likely make some nice gaiters.
Actually, I want to keep the MM but bought it for the purpose of gifting, so I'll follow through on my intentions. Le sigh. No rest for the weary! So I'd better get off the computer & back to work. Happy Thanksgiving, give your folks a hug for me!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did I win?

I was just over on The Student Knitter (, and want to win her first giveaway--so! If you want to win some yarn, go check out her 100th post for entries.
I haven't been on the innerwebs for a while, due to some computer problems, and I'm sooooo glad to be able to get back online! The Plaid Patrol has been frantic for access to the web, for the past two weeks. Which is only half as long as Plaidman has been an ex-smoker!! Yes, friends, he's done really well with the over-the-counter smoking cessation aid, much better than he did with the prescriptions he'd tried. I truly believe he got a bad scare about his heart, and that changed his attitude about the smoking. I lost my mother to the effects of smoking more than ten years ago; her lung cancer was found incidentally to treatment of her heart problems. Ever since, DiscoDame & I have been after the Plaidman to quit.
Speaking of DiscoDame..have I mentioned that she's finished her courses at the junior college, and now has an Associate degree in Computer Science? I have a college grad living in my home! but not contributing to the household economy! God only knows when she will......
We're getting ready to go the washomat, & Plaidman has a button that needs to be reattached before we go. No rest for the weary!
Sure hope I win that yarn!