Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Failure to fly

Well, I gave it the best shot I could, and tried to get enough small presents made for all in my dept. at work, but I was still trying Thursday morning! Without complete success -- I'm still lacking about 5 gifts. I just can't see bringing in enough goodies for just "some" of fellow serfs. what? I will bring in the mitts featured in the last post, for Amanda. Wouldn't you know, Wednesday she had to tell me how useful & handsome her hat was, and how glad she was to have it! The rest of the finished gifts will go into a bin for next year's holiday gifting. And I WILL continue to knit up some small items to add to the bin.
I'm likely to add another craft soon: I save up my old, beautiful calendars with the intention of learing how to make the pages into small boxes. My sister-in-law makes these, as well as her own Christmas cards. I have expressed interest in learning the craft, but so far no response. I plan on checking it out on the Innerwebs.
DiscoDame came thru at Christmas, with some more handmade stitch markers in the larger sizes! One set is just so clever; instead of beads, she used small buttons! A clever way to use some of the immense excess of buttons we have.

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