Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Failure to fly

Well, I gave it the best shot I could, and tried to get enough small presents made for all in my dept. at work, but I was still trying Thursday morning! Without complete success -- I'm still lacking about 5 gifts. I just can't see bringing in enough goodies for just "some" of fellow serfs. what? I will bring in the mitts featured in the last post, for Amanda. Wouldn't you know, Wednesday she had to tell me how useful & handsome her hat was, and how glad she was to have it! The rest of the finished gifts will go into a bin for next year's holiday gifting. And I WILL continue to knit up some small items to add to the bin.
I'm likely to add another craft soon: I save up my old, beautiful calendars with the intention of learing how to make the pages into small boxes. My sister-in-law makes these, as well as her own Christmas cards. I have expressed interest in learning the craft, but so far no response. I plan on checking it out on the Innerwebs.
DiscoDame came thru at Christmas, with some more handmade stitch markers in the larger sizes! One set is just so clever; instead of beads, she used small buttons! A clever way to use some of the immense excess of buttons we have.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More FO's

Yeah, baby! We like this kinda party! Erm, I mean, I have really enjoyed the mini-vacation I just had -- I worked last Wednesday, and didn't come back until today!-- I did some knitting (of course), and I actually finished & photographed some more fingerless gloves. Presenting another (!!) pair of my own design, the Cob Stitch Fingerless Mitts in Lion Brand Wool-Ease:

And just who it that Mysterious Model? None other than the fabulous DiscoDame, with a different prop. Makes her look intellectual, doncha think?
I've started on yet another pair of fingerless gloves/mitts, the Twisted Chain Link Fingerless Gloves (you can use that title to find the pattern on Ravelry). The charts are wonky: written instructions for rounds 3 & 10 include purl stitches, but they're not on the chart; the stitches represented on the chart appear to read from left to right which is weird because aren't most charts set up to be read the same direction as the stitches are worked -- right to left? Anyway, after several attempts to reconcile the chart to the written recipe, I've decided to ignore the chart. I figure the pattern was probably written down first, then charted but not proofed. So the written instruction is likely (more) correct than the chart, right? Stay tuned for further developments.
You know, I have been entering just about every blog giveaway I can find--so it had to happen: I won one! I will tell you all about it in another post, when my prize arrives. I can say, I'm tickled; I never win anything. That's why I don't buy the Power Ball & Mega Millions tickets; I can just about gaurantee the big $ isn't coming home with me!
Oh, Disco had a disappointment last night: I had just about decided to let her frog my Olympics vest, but when she pulled it out of hibernation, I saw how little was left to do--so it's still intact, only needing a few more rows on the back, a couple of seams, and the front edge/neckline.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wondrous light

Ok, I got the neatest picture the other day, purely by accident. Disco was modeling some of the FOs from my last post. We'd decided to "dress up" our photo shoot with nice scarves and a few props -- Disco has a large handful of very large marbles, which looked nice in her palms while she wore the mitts. But the photograper (moi!) didn't realize just how reflective those things were, until editing the pics. Check this out, you can see me in each of these marbles (click on pic to make bigger):

Every one of the pics with the marbles in it also has my self-portrait. Kinda cool, eh?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More ways to win!

So, I see another giveaway--and another chance to win something! Have a linkie:
and check out this lovely cowl. Now you know I love me a cowl, though frankly I'd rather knit it in the round. Don't know if I can adapt this one or not, but I guess if a provisional cast on was used, a three-needle bind off or Kitchener stitch would make a nice closure. Well, go check it out!
I have FO's!! DiscoDame was willing to model & help with props:

Whaddya think of them apples, huh? Wanna see more? These are F. Pea's Raging Fingerless gloves, which are knit flat in her pattern, but which I converted to knit in the round. This pair is going to someone tiny.

And LO!, there are more FO's -- the resized granny square stockings for Donna Kirby:

Donna was kinda tickled that her stockings were going into Ravelry & on a blog; she thinks she'll be famous! LOL!! Merry Christmas, Donna!