Friday, February 11, 2011

Here they are!

I've got pictures of the stitch markers DiscoDame created for our giveaway. I'll let you look; the first commenter on the "Cha-cha-changes" post earlier this month will get to pick one of these two sets:

I had a really hard time getting a decent picture of the "tiny" set, which will fit up to 5 mm needles. They are quite simple, just a jump ring with a bead for 5, with 1 ring also having a couple of teeny "crystal" accent beads on their own itty jump rings. The larger set up accomodate up to US sz 13; the beads on 5 are approximately the same size but different shades of green, with the one for the start of your row being a much bigger bead (still green!). Let me be clear: these two sets are the only ones in this month's giveaway. I had to say that, because she's given me another set which is just wonderful, so lovely that I don't want to part with it! Check out this set; she's upcycling buttons!

Now for the really big news: DiscoDame will be co-authoring this blog! Look for her to add her profile (or maybe we have to have a joint profile? IDK; she's the techie so I'll let her sort it out!); she's agreed to allow me editorial control -- which means she's to write up her posts but let me review them before they're published. I am nothing if not a control freak.

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Ann said...

you most certainly are, but i love you anyway-