Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh why not

DiscoDame got busy again yesterday. When I got home she presented me with a set of 10 double-ended stitch markers, each with different sized rings at either end, and all with either charms, buttons, or both between the rings. AND all 10 have lobster claw clasps at one end too, so they can be used as removable row markers. I gave her a really nifty work lamp, with a magnifier lens in the middle of the circular light, that she can clip onto a work surface and bend around to suit herself. Disco was just about beside herself over that lamp! She's quite far-sighted, so close work isn't at all easy for her, but with the magnification & bright light she's finding it a lot easier. Anyway, I was playing with my (or possibly your?) new stitchmarkers, and linked them all together--around my neck! We'll have to get some pictures; I'm sure it's pretty funny.

Didya see/hear about the prank played on Julia Roberts on the set of "Larry Crowne"? You know she's a knittah too. Anyway, Tom Hanks talked about half the crew into one part of the set, and had someone go fetch Julia. When she walked in, everyone in the room was knitting! Even the cameraman was knitting, & holding his work in front of the camera. How cute!

Here's a shot of the June giveaway handknit, made from 6 colors of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe - read up on this yarn in Ravelry for care:

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