Friday, September 16, 2011

Movin' on

Hopefully to better things, if not actually bigger. I've started working on a garter stitch baby kimono, with some nice cushy superwash merino fingering wool that I got at Bliss Yarns. They had discounted the sock yarn, so I got some. I'd thought to show it to the gal at work who wanted glitts (gloves + mitts; keep up folks), but it's so pretty & this baby thing came up, and the Harlot had just done one...I'm weak. Anyway, it's all knits all the time around here. No pics yet; one never knows who might be reading.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember "Sorry"?

I'm talking about the board game; if your opponent caught up to your game piece, you got sent back to the starting line. The deep plum colored EWW has been completely frogged, and I'm back to the start of a new & hopefully better EWW. However, it's just occurred to me that I'll be in Texas for Sis' birthday, and haven't got a gift for her! Horrors! Should I a)dig thru the basket of finished objects for something suitable? or b)pick up a UFO & finish it for her? or c)cast on & knit something meant for her from the get-go? Option A would be really easy, I suspect she'd wind up with the light blue beret. Not too sure she'd use it, but it wouldn't be cluttering my basket anymore. Option B is a bit trickier--I have two really nice things I was making for myself, and some silly things that I could part with easily if I'd get 'em done. The obvious implication being that the two nicer knits are my size & too fine to part with. Then there's Option C--my own preference, could I come up with a pattern, the yarn, and the time to work on it! Decisions, decisions.
All hail to the Yarn Harlot's friend Jen & her sweetie, baby Marlowe! I'm glad for Jen, who seemed to be going for a Guinness record for longest human pregnancy, but kinda sad to see the end of the baby knits parade. O_o, and I just got an invite to a baby shower. Let's see, today's the 14th, the shower's the 22nd--another pair of Saartje's booties, perhaps? Love them!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Throwing in the towel

Dear Loopy Ewe(s)
I'm sorry but I will not be completing the third Camp Loopy project, due by 9/15. You see, I'm about half-way thru the Every Way Wrap made in a wool/angora blend (bunny fuzzies!), and have just discovered that there's a major misprint in the key to the cable pattern chart. Now, I've been ambivilent about the fuzziness of the yarn,thinking it was obscuring the stitches so that it was hard to see the cables, and with this new-to-me info I see that I've made all these cables incorrectly. This version of the EWW will make a trip to the frog pond. I'm ready to start over with some Paton's Classic Wool, which should have much better stitch definition, but there's no way I can get it done in two days. The angora blend will have to wait for an appropriate project, which I hope to find soon -- it is teh beyootimus! and so so soft! So, alas & alack, but no Project #3 this year. I'll likely try next year.
Best wishes,
A completely frustrated knitter

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What was I thinking?!?!?

Ok, I can see that the Every Way Wrap is not likely to be finished by 9/15; I'm probably the slowest ever at cable knitting. But I'm determined to have it done by my birthday, as my present to moi. Still loving the soft angora, though the fuzz kinda obscures the cables (!!!)which keeps it right in line with my usual poor choice of yarns for projects. Still adore the dusky dark plum color.
I've put some pics over on the other page, for My Patterns. Someday the patterns & pattern revisions will be written up, to go along with the pics. I really need Sis to send me a shot of the Tall Latte cozy. You know, since I made that silly thing I think I've found four other similar designs...of which I was blissfully ignorant while I was making mine. The lace beret had to be changed so much from the original designer's pattern, that it is an adaptation at least and a whole new ball of wax at best. The Chunky Monkey Hat was another on-the-fly effort, just from seeing a few like it on Etsy. Patterns, we don' need no stinking patterns. Just lots of knitting magazines and Ravelry & Etsy!

Bad blogger here

Ok, I've really slacked off on the blog. Not that anyone wants to hear excuses, but I've had a lot on the plate lately. It appears that Disco's 2nd student loan has ballooned and is currently the equivalent of a new KIA (that's a car!!!), and hey isn't it convenient that I just paid off the 1st one? (insert alternate sighing & cursing) Someone close to me needs to get a &^$*@#$ JOB!!!
On the Camp Loopy front, I have been working as furiously as possible, but I doubt I'll finish the Every Way Wrap by the 15th. Oh well, if I get it done on or before the 24th, it'll be my birthday gift to me. I haven't even thought about the glitts (gloves + mitts -- what would you call 'em?) for the co-worker whose first question was what would I charge to make them. Never mind that there isn't even a pattern, although there are sorta similar items (two in Knitty) that I may use as guides if I decide to go for it. But, here comes holiday knitting! So I just don't know if I have the time or energy to design & knit these weird things. I have a flight ticket to Austin next month; I do hope Texas stops burning before then.