Friday, March 15, 2013

With feeling

There's a "movement" (and how many of us think of Alice's Restaurant when we hear that word?) afoot, about helping crafty folk reclaim time for their crafts:
The aim is to set aside 8 hours a month, for crafting.  Well, I think I already do that, but I like the idea of setting up a designated time.  I pretty much work on either knitting or crochet whenever I'm parked in front of the TV.  Last night was an exception, because I wanted the overhead lights out so I could watch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, season one.  Yes, we bought the DVDs.  The Plaidman & I are just completely hooked on the books, and have finished all that have been published so far.  I was reading a fan site last week, and the gossip seems to indicate at least two more books coming, but not soon -- it'll likely be 2018 before Winds of Winter makes it to the bookstore.  We are officially jonesing for more G.o.T. at Chez Plaid.  Last year it was the Malazan Empire holding us in thrall; at least we're dealing with (mostly) humans this trip.  Boy howdy, if someone could figure out how to turn Tales of the Fallen into a series, we'd be over the moon. 

Oh look, the folks over at AllFreeKnitting ( ) have another really nice giveaway!  I have a little shawlette I made last year, that I wasn't wearing because it jest seemed too tiny, but lately I've been using it as a scarf.  I get lots of compliments on it!  It's Wendy's Seriously Simple Shawl, worked in sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe.  I like it so much, I would like to have several more.  So heck yeah, I want this book!

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