Thursday, May 23, 2013

Work, work, work

I've about 8.5" knit on the body of the Bunny Hop sweater.  At 14.5" it goes on to a holder, while the sleeves are knitted.  Started on Thursday, after swatching earlier in the week, it looks super -- my gauge is consistent, spot on for row gauge albeit a little off on stitch gauge.  Somehow, it's wound up being about 34" wide, which is about what the pattern calls for (35" when buttonbands are added).  I did do some other swatching, for a coworker's gift of "muffatees".  But I really need to measure her hands! 
*** Above was written Tuesday, which was the day I went back to work after a mini-staycation.  I think I may have suffered a knitting injury, or more accurately, a knitting-or-reading-a-big-book-all-in-one-go injury.  My left shoulder is killink me; I could not sleep at all Tuesday night.  It's abated a little bit, but I'm taking a break from holding big books and from knitting for a couple of days.  Only, I really need to get the sweater done.  I have knit (on Tuesday) another inch on the body, and will try limiting my time with it starting this weekend (it's currently in time-out). 
Oh BTW -- the staycation was basically about giving DiscoDame a good launch into "spinsterhood".  We did a few chores & birthday shopping Thursday & Friday, then took her to a movie (Star Trek: Into Darkness -- a must-see for us fans!!), and dinner at one of her favorite eateries: the Waffle House!  I kid you not, she had a waffle for dinner.  I had the Official Old Lady Kit wrapped up for her, with all the wacky junk I'd been buying.  The reading glasses are way too strong, so we're thinking we'll give them to Goodwill.  No one in the house has dentures, but the denture crème is stored in the bathroom.

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