Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Oh I am so S-M-R-T smart!  I picked up the stranded aka Fair Isle knitting like (snaps fingers) that!  Finished one little toddler hat, and then a second one.  I had them covering my hands last night, pretending they were puppets, and calling them "my minions".  Disco says I'm easily amused.  Ya think?!?  Yeah, I got this.  I'm feeling cocky now -- so I signed up for Toirrot's July Mitten KAL.  Have you seen the stuff she makes?  Fantastic!  And once I get the mittens done, I think I'll get some Kate Davies patterns and really get crazy. 
We went to the movies (ok, one movie) this weekend: Man of Steel, and he's also Man of Too D**n Cute.  But for the real cuteness, we must wait:  Despicable Me 2 hasn't been released yet.  I loooove the minions!  I had to talk myself into seeing the first one, wasn't at all sure it was my cuppa.  But it's just so cute & sweet & funny!  Kinda like having a bunch of 3 month old kittens in the house, that kind of cute & funny -- and nuts.  Well, after the movie, we went to the Waffle House for supper.  The Plaidman and Disoc both decided to have breakfast for supper; I opted for a salad.  The salad was supposed to have hard-boiled egg on it, but I was just as happy that it didn't.  What it had in abundance, however, was wilted lettuce -- I left about half in the dish.  About 3 am Sunday I bumped into Disco as I left the bathroom.  She wasn't feeling well, nauseous & gassy.  Turns out the Plaidman had digestive issues too; were the eggs they ate bad?  I guess we'll stay away from that Waffle House!
Bliss Yarns has a new summer promotion, Wacky Wednesdays -- they'll put some yarn on sale, based on some feature not usually used as criteria.  Today's feature is Red, White & Blue: any & all yarns with these colors are 30% off.  I got some Berocco Weekend, figuring I'll make some more of the Cutest! Little! Hats! (seriously, they're adorable).  I was really tempted by some blue Kidsilk Haze Trio....until I saw the price.  Hmm, not sure it's worth it for just one skein.  And I have just so much yarn at home already....I can't even put away my Patons Classic Wool (I think I have at least 4 balls each of 6 colors, or is it 6 balls of 4 colors?).  Problems, problems.

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