Friday, December 6, 2013

Carpe that diem

This is our little ginger cat, TomTom, modeling a baby hat I made a while back.  He totally rocks a hat.  I have been busy busy, but there aren't enough hours in the day for the knitter wanting to make holiday gifts for all & sundry.  And I have a commission to start immediatly after the holiday rush:  a coworker would like a nice heirloom sweater for a grandson!  I showed her some pics of the Gramps Cardigan ( by Kate Oates, and she was enthralled -- as I was, when I first saw this darling cardigan!  So, I bought the pattern, and then we looked at yarns, and now there are six skeins of Knit Picks City Tweed DK  calling my name.  This is such an adorable cardi for kids, I can hardly wait to get it started.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went to JoAnn & got a different ribbon and some bigger snaps for the Bunny Hop, and will try to finish that this weekend.  I'd really like the Princess to have her sweater before Christmas.  Also, it's filling a very large project bag, which I'd like to have for my Aidez (which will be postponed until I get the Gramps done -- Le Sigh!).  And sometime this coming year I will make a cardigan for the Plaidman; likely something by Martin Storey as I like a lot of his designs.  To recap: I'm committed (or  I oughta be...) to knitting not one or two but three cardigans in the foreseeable future.  Dang, this is exactly why I wanted to learn to knit!  I love love love sweaters.  I've been knitting for what, about 10 years now?  and the Bunny Hop is the first "real" sweater I've knit.  Oh, I've made shrugs, anybody can make a shrug--just knit a long rectangle, and sew the ends into cylinders for 10-12" -- but I'd never knit a sweater with actual sleeves.  The Knitter has arrived.

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Homemade Helen said...

Hi there just found you on Rav. How cute is that photo. Loving the blog :)