Sunday, June 12, 2016

Interesting times

I've heard that "May you live in interesting times" is more of a curse than a wish for pleasantness.  It seems we here in the USA are living the curse.  My TV viewing was interrupted this morning with the news of the attack on the Pulse nightclub.  What could possibly make someone think he needed to kill all those people?  May God help the families of these victims.  I hope someday we'll find a way to keep semi- and fully automatic firearms out of the hands of civilians.  These are not hunting weapons, these are only good for warfare.  The folks at Pulse had no idea they were at war.  I'm not sure I can say anymore about this here.
So, let's move on: I did frog & restart the EZ 100th Anniversary Half Circle Camping Shawl (say that five times real fast), and am now on row 16 (of 36) in the Slanting Twigs section.  The edges are nice & soft on both sides, due to a) working the garter stitch edge starting each side as YO, K2together, K1; and b) carrying the unused color loosely up the side.  We shall see how it blocks out.  I would also like to make a blanket for my grand-nephew, but haven't settled on a pattern or yarn yet.  I'm antsy to get the shawl done, and even antsier to start another project.  Or many other projects..the Startitis is bad this summer.  One project that comes to mind is a pair of socks, from a pattern that's only available in German.  It just so happens I know someone who's just received certification of a mastery of that language, and he's attempting to translate the pattern.  He's not a knitter though, so some of the terminology is throwing him.  But he's having fun with it.
One of our new hires in the Coding Dept is moving to much smaller digs, and letting go of lots of her stuff.  She used to teach elementary school, and wore a lot of costume jewelry because the kids liked it.  She no longer wears that much, and noticed I like necklaces, so she brought me a huge sackful of necklaces!  I'll have to take some pictures, but you can see some of them on the Outfits Challenge page.

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