Friday, December 30, 2016

Soooo funny....NOT

So my blogging pal Emily of Cosmos & Cashmere has characterized 2016 as the Year of the Dumpster Fire, as in a total crash & burn.  I'd have to agree, and it's almost funny to think of it that way.  I'm sure Em is working very hard to find the fun, what with being flooded out of her home just about the time she found she's preggers.  Keep smilin', girlfriend.  Better days have got to be ahead, because they sure couldn't get much worse.
I have been amusing myself by reviewing the Joe Biden/Obama memes.  I sure will miss our Uncle Joe (no relation to nasty old Uncle Joe Stalin!).  Pennsylvanians know how to party, by golly.

Are your holidays over?  If not, I hope you're taking comfort in home & family time.  If so, I hope it was just the break you needed from the past year's wild & crazy ride.  I tried to knit a lacey bookmark, out of No. 10 crochet thread.  It was supposed to have 5 repeats of the lace pattern, but after the third one I just cast off and made a hanger, and put it on the tree!  It was just wearing out my hands.  That's ok, I have over a dozen other WIPs I could be working on.

I have been buying yarn again, even though I'm supposed to be going "cold sheep".  However, this is not my usual "OOO, shiny!" type of yarn buying.  You know what I mean, you find some yarn that is just too pretty not to bring home, buy what you think is a crapton of same, then get it home and find you have absolutely no idea what to do with it because you don't have enough!  No, this yarn buying is for specific purposes, both of which must be kept out of sight until they're accomplished.  Now, if I can just make myself start on one....haven't been feeling the knitting mojo much lately.

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