Friday, December 30, 2016

Soooo funny....NOT

So my blogging pal Emily of Cosmos & Cashmere has characterized 2016 as the Year of the Dumpster Fire, as in a total crash & burn.  I'd have to agree, and it's almost funny to think of it that way.  I'm sure Em is working very hard to find the fun, what with being flooded out of her home just about the time she found she's preggers.  Keep smilin', girlfriend.  Better days have got to be ahead, because they sure couldn't get much worse.
I have been amusing myself by reviewing the Joe Biden/Obama memes.  I sure will miss our Uncle Joe (no relation to nasty old Uncle Joe Stalin!).  Pennsylvanians know how to party, by golly.

Are your holidays over?  If not, I hope you're taking comfort in home & family time.  If so, I hope it was just the break you needed from the past year's wild & crazy ride.  I tried to knit a lacey bookmark, out of No. 10 crochet thread.  It was supposed to have 5 repeats of the lace pattern, but after the third one I just cast off and made a hanger, and put it on the tree!  It was just wearing out my hands.  That's ok, I have over a dozen other WIPs I could be working on.

I have been buying yarn again, even though I'm supposed to be going "cold sheep".  However, this is not my usual "OOO, shiny!" type of yarn buying.  You know what I mean, you find some yarn that is just too pretty not to bring home, buy what you think is a crapton of same, then get it home and find you have absolutely no idea what to do with it because you don't have enough!  No, this yarn buying is for specific purposes, both of which must be kept out of sight until they're accomplished.  Now, if I can just make myself start on one....haven't been feeling the knitting mojo much lately.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All better!

My car went to the dealership because Firestone couldn't work on the "dealer specific error".  Firestone didn't charge us anything for the readout, since they couldn't do the work.  So, when the dealer's service dept. read the code, they discovered it was a bad sensor in the cam shaft.  As this was part of the drive train, which was still under warranty, they repaired it at no charge to us.  Whew!  A possibly big bullet dodged, right before Christmas.

There is no way I'll finish the little projects I'm working for coworkers, before Christmas.  Oh well, they can be 12th night gifts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

With Feeling

The Vikings are seriously interfering with my early bedtime.  Yes, I stayed up to see the new episode last Wednesday.  That Ivar, he's just a barrel of laughs, ain't he?
The Plaidman finally made it over to the library, quite a trip since it's all of a half mile away.....  He paid our fines on all the books that were returned, and brought home some more books.  I've already finished A Green and Ancient Light by Frederic Durbin, which is lovely if you're into Faery tales.

Oh my, John Glenn has passed away.  I was in elementary school when he first went into orbit.  I've always considered him a hero.  Godspeed, John Glenn, and safe journey Home.

So...this has been a heckuva morning.  I was running a little late getting ready to go to work, but squeaked in with one minute to spare.  Went back to my desk, hung up my coat, combed my hair, then realized that I had an 8 am doctor appointment.  Dashed out, tooling down the highway, tried the doctor's office twice on the phone but couldn't get through; glanced down to check my speed and saw the "check engine" light was on!  Well, I called the Plaidman to meet me at the doctor's office & swap cars -- he went to the wrong building, got turned the right way, we finally met up.  I drove the beater from there back to work; thank goodness I hadn't eaten yet.  The old car smells like the world's biggest & nastiest ash tray.  But at least it got me to work, and I hope it'll get me home tonite.  Meanwhile, our mechanic has read the code to no avail; all it said was "dealer specific error" which means it has to go to a dealership to be resolved.  Fantastic.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Update to the appliance issue

The freezer died, then the fridge died.  This was the day before Thanksgiving.  We threw away everything from the freezer, then got out our coolers so we could keep milk, butter, breakfast sandwiches, etc.  The Plaidman couldn't get thru to the proper manufacturer over the phone that day or the next (natch! everyone was at home eating turkey!).  When he did get thru on Friday, he was told that the warranty was expired -- on a purchase we made just 3 months ago.  They said the warranty was counted from the date it came off the assembly line, rather than the date of purchase!  Truly ignorant, and made us pretty ticked off.  So on Saturday we went to the store where we bought it, and a manager there got just as ticked off at Frigidaire as we were.  He gave us a different phone # to call, they wanted proof of purchase, we sent it off...and had no response from them until a service tech showed up at the house mid-morning on Monday.  Guess what?  It was fixed, and cost nothing but The Plaidman's autograph.

As to The Plaidman's health issues...well, last week he saw the surgeon again and did get some relief. The doctor was concerned about his blood pressure, asked when he'd last seen his PCP.  My strong, silent dude hasn't been seen by a doctor in years.  I've been trying to get him to go for a check up, for years.  The surgeon says,"We've got a family clinic downstairs.  I'll get you an appointment for today."   And lo, The Plaidman agreed, and it was good.  So now he's got prescriptions for his blood pressure, and a scheduled follow up.  And he can't take decongestants anymore; this is a biggee and I'll likely have to pitch them all in the trash to keep them out of his hands.  Or I could ask Disco to take them all downstairs, and not let her DOD have them/

My how time flies

Last week I watched the first episode of the new season of Vikings on the History channel.  Ragnar is looking pretty run down.  Still got those icy blue eyes...  Anyway, the entire Plaid Patrol was fixated on the TV, watching both the telling of the tale of Ragnar and the new episode.  I need to get the last season on DVD, I missed a lot of it.  I sure wish we could get our DVR to work with our TV (compatibility issues); I couldn't stay up to watch the "making of" program that followed.  Oh well.
I haven't the faintest idea of what to knit for coworkers this year, except maybe some lacy bookmarks or headbands (has to be something that will fit in a money gift holder! flat like folding money).