Friday, April 25, 2008

Love a plan?

I'm not so great without plans, myself. The ideas are around; it's the details that elude. I'll be brief: I want to write more about my visit with the folks in Texas, but I'm about to leave for bit. Got a photo or too, if I can figure out how to get'em to behave. Here's *my* DD modeling the hat for Niece #1:

Well, I have no idea whether that worked or not. (It didn't--gotta get my tech consultant over here). 6/25/08 Techie postscript: gotcha picha, lady. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I flew into Austin on Friday 4/18, meeting Dad at the airport, then on to my sister's house outside Austin. Siesta is part of the afternoon routine there, so Dad laid down for a nap, and I went up to my oldest niece's room to try it myself. But I work all day, and found I just couldn't sleep during daylight. I never did acquire the nap habit. I met the weekday nanny, a very nice lady, and watched my nieces romp on a trampoline out back. Memaw came over; she's fun. After the siesta, Sis came home from her shop, and her Mr. was able to get away from his desk, and we all piled into the large vehicle. That's Sis, her spouse, Pup (aka Dear Dad), me, and the two little nieces. We went out on a mission: acquire dinner & terrorize some waitstaffers. I got an absolutely sweet pic of the girls together, it's my desktop now. This was almost all we did all weekend, with varying members of the troupe stepping in or out. We hit the IHOP with Memaw but without the older niece. I made some progress on the socks, no pics while in TX nor since. I guess it would be nice to see some knitting on a knitting blog.... when I figure out how to make it work.

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