Saturday, May 10, 2008

A big kiss for Betty

Tomorrow's Mother's Day in the US of A. All of us have or have had Moms; none of us would be here otherwise. Let's all give a kind thought to our Moms, and if yours is still in this world, why not give her a call & some love. I will be calling my "other" Mom, my dear mother-in-law Betty. To know her is to love her: she makes my 98 lb daughter look huge, but she's got the heart of a tiger! She got elected to head her nieghborhood association multiple times; I think they were too scared not to! But she's always made me feel like family, right from the first time my sweetheart (aka Plaidman) carried me home to meet his Mom. If I were her to tell her that, she'd give me a sharp look, but she knows it's true. I'm very glad I have her still. She's part of the reason I've worked up my nerve to knit socks: she's been diabetic since her 3rd (of 7!) pregnancy, and still ticks on like the proverbial Timex. I want to make some socks for her, and for my sister-in-law (also diabetic). I think Knitty has an article about the best material for diabetic socks. Anyway, since my own Mom passed on, I find myself calling Betty "Mom" a lot more. I just don't want to be a motherless child.
My Dad invited me, Plaidman, & the DiscoDame to come stay at his house for a week. I'm not sure we're gonna go--the airfare will be about $1000, and Plaidman's employer is a little shaky lately so we might want to tighten the belt a bit. I guess I won't be ordering yarn online for a while. That's ok, I have plenty of yarn, the library's got all kinds of pattern books, and if I get tired of the selection of yarn & books, there's always the kntting blogs online for entertainment.
Go call your Mom!

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