Sunday, May 25, 2008

Progress--two steps up, one back

I have an avatar on Ravelry now. Finally figured it out; my resident web-designer & techie helped a little. I've also added a pic in my complete profile. The profile pic, the Ravelry avatar, and the pic behind the blog header are all from the same trip to Chicago. Now if I can just figure out what the problem is with putting pics in posts....
WWKIP is just around the corner! June 14 is the date. I'm going to break with my "tradition" and pass on Watertown this year, in favor of staying a little closer to home. But as there's an artisan festival in Centennial Park on the same day, I figure I can kill two birds. I'm still working on the first Moc Croc sock, but I think I can finish it before then. I'd like to working on the second sock by then. I have been considering frogging the feather & fan shawl back -- waaaay back -- to even out the break between one skein & another. It wasn't super noticeable with the first 3 skeins, only the 4th; but it's really awful. I thought I'd frog back half way through the 3rd skein (!!!!) and start alternating sets of rows between the 3rd & 4th skeins. I can't express how thrilled I am with this prospect, it ranks right up there with a root canal for sheer thrills. Every time I've had to rip part of this shawl, it winds up spending months in the frog pond. I. WANT. TO. WEAR. MY. SHAWL. I need to get a grip & just do it. Deep breaths, people.

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