Saturday, May 17, 2008


It just took me twenty minutes to sign in on my blog. The 'puter gnomes hate me. But hey, I had a terrific Mother's Day! The Plaidman gave me the Boye (I love their points!) circular needlemaster, with sizes 3-15 & three cables. DiscoDame remembered me admiring a pack of sock needles, and got that plus a knitting magazine (did you know you can list your mags on Ravelry? That'll be a chore! I may only have two or three dozen...), and a big sticker about Moms. Also, we went out & ate steak! And chocolate, mustn't forget the choco on Mom's Day. I spoke with Betty on the phone, then handed it to the Plaidman. They were still jawing while we put in our drink orders.
Tomorrow, the DiscoDame turns 25! A whole quarter century ago her "Dameness" came into the world. What a long strange trip it's been.... and that's just my view; she seems to think she'll always be under 30.
I haven't heard anything from my Dad about visiting again. I guess I should write to him & let him know we're staying closer to home for the vacay. It was awfully nice of him to offer his digs, but we just can't go the airfare. The Plaidman's employer has cut operations back to 4 days a week; this is actually quite common for this business--they always seem to have at least one slack time every year. I just hope their salesforce gets it together & gets 'em some work. Thank goodness my employer's not cutting back. In fact, if the mayor & police dept. here get their way, we may have more work coming in. The mayor wants to give the police their own DNA lab; one of our doctors already heads the medical examiner's office & for sure a DNA lab would be in his purview.
Well, since we're celebrating tomorrow, we have to get all our chores done today, and that's the end of this story.

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