Sunday, July 6, 2008

Picture day

So, I took a slew of photos of yarn, & a few of FO's & WIP's. Then I figured out that they needed to be in Flickr before they could be on Ravelry; now my stash & WIP pages have been updated with some of the pics. Anyway, one of the items I found while stash-diving was a sock! I'd forgotten all about it, and shoved it into one of the nice clear boxes my sweetie gave me for the stash. It's crocheted, and apparently I had some problems (!!!) with the pattern, because it's big enough for the DiscoDame to wear on her head. She has claimed it, and calls it the Elephant Seal Hat, and I sure hope I can get the pic on here:

Chez Divine has hit the road lately: we went to the opening of the new planetarium at the Adventure Science Center last weekend, which was really wonderful. We probably spent too much $, but hey, it was educational. And Friday we went back to Science Center, to sit on their lawn & watch the fireworks over downtown. The Dame & I sat working on needlework before the show. And last night we went to see Wall-E -- my, it's just too cute. I was wondering about Wall-E's "pet" cockroach, but it was a very Disney cockroach.

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