Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Frontiers

Our resident techno geek, the DiscoDame, managed to get a picture of herself inserted into an earlier post (4/25/08). Too cool, and now I know it will work. I have so got to take some shots of the shawl & the restarted sock. If it's nice out later, I'll take the WIPs outside for picture time.

Picture! from 6/26 photo session, showing my lovely WIP, the Moc Croc sock(s). Yarn is Regia Design Line, by Kaffe Fassett.

Today (6/25)I rewound the frogged & washed yarn from the first sock effort, knit some more on the sock, and started crocheting some granny squares for stockings. These stockings are about three feet long, super for loads of small goodies from a doting grandma--like the lady who's asked me to make them. I'm using stashed acrylic, of which I have a ton & a half, with maybe half a ton of it being red, green & white worsted. I've done several other projects for this same gal, including repairing an "antique" crocheted baby blankie that had mouse damage. But the dadblamed granny squares are addictive! Last year, I made tiny granny square sachets: Using sport or fingering weight yarns, make grannies of about 3 (sport wt) or 4 (fingering) rounds. Take a dryer softener sheet, used or not, and wrap up a small amount of polyfil. Lay this on your granny square, and fold the corners in towards the middle. Stitch the corners and edges together; if you leave a really long end in a corner, you can make a crochet chain, fold it over & stitch it to the corner --now the sachet can be used in the closet or drawer. I bought some essential oils, and have used a hat pin dipped in the oil & inserted through spaces in the crochet to apply the scent to the dryer sheet/polyfil. I would advise against applying oils directly to the crocheted acrylic, as acrylic stains badly. Anyway, I gave several of these away last year, and made a bunch more in spring (or baby) colors. These are super for using up small amounts of yarn.

While on vacation (-at-home), I wanted to wind up some skeins of lace weight wonderfulness. I figured I've got two roomies, that's two sets of arms for living swifts. The roomies aren't exactly thrilled, but I had a thought: If they're really unhappy with being swifts, maybe they'll get me a real one? Only time will tell....

It only took about 2 very long hours to hand-wind one of the Cherry Tree Hill Orenburg Lace skeins (Cherry Blossom colorway), with DiscoDame playing "swift". I got some more pics, see my lovely WIP feather & fan shawl, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport colorway Baltic Sea:

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