Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'll Fly Away, Part Deux

Ohboyohboyoboy! I'm all set to go on vacation again, and this time I'll actually leave town! It's not till next month,hope the anticipation doesn't just eat me up!
I'm heading for Texas, to see my dear old Dad & my sister & MY NIECES!!! I spoke to my sis, and got the word that the littlest niece had received her package. She was, of course, tickled to death to get a package with her name on it -- as any little girl would be! and had to open it, even though the birthday is not until tomorrow. From the sound of things, I believe she was thrilled with the contents. So, since she's already seen her gifts, I can now post pics - notice my wonderful model, Teddy Bear, standing in for a toddler:

I only had one good shot of the back of the shrug, & managed to turn it blue during editing, so I'll have to take several shots of the niece in it.

Teddy looks good, doesn't he? Here's the little drawstring bag:

It's the crocheted element in this ensemble. I wish I'd gotten a pic of the Lucky Penny bag; it's incredibly cute. BTW, you may see that I'm making the pics bigger--I had a comment from a reader tha they were awfully small, so I'll make them bigger from now on.

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