Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes, I've been knitting! Can't post a pic yet as my project is a) unfinished and b)not yet given to the intended recipient. I'm pretty sure she's completely unaware that I have a blog, but you never know. I made one more of the penny bags, for the DiscoDame, since she thought they were entirely too cute (and she's my only little chickadee, so she can have one too). I do have pics:

The drawstring closure allows it to be worn as a bracelet:

It's sooo little, it looks like an amulet or charm bag:

But I guess a lucky penny is a charm, n'est pas?
Anyway, the knit project (super secret! shhh!)is mostly miles of seed stitch. I can hear you groaning, you know. My friend will, I hope, be thrilled to have it. She's been the recipient of my handiwork before now, and always seems appreciative -- which means I'll always be willing to make more for her! I haven't even thought about working on a shawl, or picking up the second sock for my Moc Croc pair. It's officially been over a year since I started that pair of socks; it's hard to work up any enthusiam for the second sock. Perservere!

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