Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do I know what I'm talking about?

A basket of yarnImage via Wikipedia

Apparently not! I must stand corrected; Debbie Stoller's line of yarns includes these three so far:
Full O' Sheep, a 100% Peruvian wool, looks like a roving yarn
Bamboo Ewe, 55% bamboo viscose + 45% wool, has a little sheen to it
Alpaca Love, which is an alpaca/wool blend (exact amts?)
Notice that all are derived from all-natural sources--although the bamboo is processed to produce something like a rayon fiber, it did come from a natural source.
Yesterday I got a "care package" from Ms. Stoller, with 3 balls of Full O' Sheep, 2 balls Bamboo Ewe, and 4 balls of Alpaca Love. I've rewound two balls of the Full O' Sheep (let's be careful not to say that aloud too many times), as they were missing their labels and starting to unwind.

The Plaidman was admiring the nice yarn cakes that came off the ball winder he got me for Christmas.
I always make sure to let him know how much I like the yarny tools he's given me. He got a swift for me, which I put away every time because I just love the label on the box. It's Japanese, and the box is labelled "Almighty Reeling Machine"---gives me a giggle every time.

Soon, my little chickadees, we will be pushing this silly blog into hyperdrive: We're set up to get an upgrade from dial-up (49.2 KBPS) to ACTUAL HIGH SPEED internet! I will actually be able to post pictures without going gray in the process. Which will make this site a heck of a lot more interesting--who wants to read when there are pictures!?!? Sometime ago, I got Zemanta linked into this thing, and that's the source of the picture above. Found another cuter one, alpacas grazing somewhere in the UK, but the stupid Zemanta doesn't want to put more than one pic on the page. You'll just have to use your imagination.

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Iron Needles said...

Almighty Reeling Machine. That is too good. From now that is the name of my swift, too!

Found you on Ravelry's Blog Commenting group.

Ann said...

I know, it's just too goony! Engrish, anyone? And the "instructions" were just a couple of pictures & ad blurb about what a fine reeling machine it is. Never having seen one in use before, I had fun setting it up. Then I went on a winding spree!