Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ok, so I walked on concrete for hours Friday, and on grass for hours Saturday. I tried to take it easy Sunday. Monday I logged 1,484 steps on the pedometer, because I got up & walked outside at morning break. I parked further from the building this morning, to get a few more steps in, and went out at break again this morning. But my entire left leg is protesting mightily -- it is one big ache, from hip to ankle. I made one short circuit around the building, and climbed the stairs back to the office. That was at about 10 a.m.; it's almost 12:30 and I'm still aching. We may need to rethink the idea of walking off some weight....


Last night I finished the preemie cap I was working on; now to make a crocheted flower for the edge! This is just the nicest yarn, ShiBuiKnits sock 100% superwash merino, in a baby pastels mix. Uber cute, no? I may have to ask the doting Gramma for a baby pic. Oh, have you seen Franklin Habit's pic, in Knitty, of the baby in a bonnet? Absolutely wonderful, and hysterically funny too. Honest to G, I'd love to travel with him sometime -- his airport stories crack me up. Check out the Panopticon blog.

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PinkAdele said...

Pretty hat! I can@t find knitty links though :( could you send me a link? thanks for popping over :)