Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has sprung

All taken last weekend at Cheekwood, one of my favorite places to visit this time of year. We've had a very quiet weekend here at Chez Divine, since $ is so tight. Have to conserve the fuel in the car, and stay out of yarn shops. Nevertheless, I have been knitting & crocheting: Dolly Blankie #2 is well under way (knitting), and I finished a crocheted preemie cap for JB's grandbaby. I don't want to post pictures before she's seen it, but since the sun's out I'll get some shots of both projects in a bit.
DiscoDame has been given a sort of deadline, to require a lot more effort on her part in securing employment. We're charging rent starting June 1. I think it should be payable in advance. Of course, Friday I had to give her another sum towards her credit card--and why does an unemployed chickadee have a credit card? Anyway, the card's paid off now, and the account's closed. Enuff of that stuff! I can tell the financial hoo-haw (it is so a word!) is going to be a bone of contention around the Manse Divine for quite some time. The Plaidman is acting like he's not at all concerned, which only makes me more frantic. You know what I'm saying. It's not helpful if it leaves me feeling like the only one that gives a d**n. It's like he's decided to take an extended vacay, but I wasn't invited. Anyway, I may start charging him rent June 1, too! His unemployment benefits (without extensions) will expire in July -- just in time for our anniversary, yippee. So perhaps we'll all go on a diet...I could stand to be a whole lot slimmer (smaller sweaters use less yarn!), since that would likely make me sexy as all getout! Yes, I actually do have cheekbones. I'm considering a search for a sugar daddy, or possibly seeing what a red-haired under 30 daughter will fetch in Abu Dhabi....

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