Monday, July 19, 2010

Gotta take some pictures!

I'm nearly to the toe shaping on the second Moc Croc Mark II! And I'm working the third column of mitered squares for Dolly Blankie #3. I went to Bliss Yarns on Friday the 16th, and picked up some more solid colors for this blankie. One thing I noticed there -- a whole basket of Noro sock yarn mill ends, most just a few grams. They sure were tempting! I can see me getting about 8 different colorways, and putting them away for my own mitered square throw. But not just yet; I really need to buy less & knit from stash as much as possible. One of the projects that needs some time: unraveling all those thrift store sweaters I bought for the yarn! I should show DiscoDame how to do that, she loves frogging. Right now, all those sweaters are just in a bag behind the dresser in the living room, waiting for attention. Some are cashmere, some merino, etc -- can't wait to see how much yarn I get out of 'em. I've actually worn one that I bought at a yard sale, labelled as lambswool, and a very nice navy cardigan. It was meant to be unravelled for the yarn, but got picked up & worn. Guess I can keep it as is!
***About a week later (7/26/10): I finished the second sock on Saturday; after remembering that the first one was just a little bit short for my foot I added another repeat of the pattern to the foot before starting the toe. Now, I've frogged the first one back to just before the toe, Russian-joined in some more yarn, and I'm almost ready to work the toe (again! 3rd time better be the charm!). I must take some pictures!! And decide what pattern to use for that red Cascade fingering yarn. I'm thinking I could get pretty crazy with texture, since it's a solid color. I'm going to post this without pics, and add another post when I've got something to show!

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