Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday wonder

While I was sick with bronchitis, I was supposed to see the dental hygienist & get new x-rays. I cancelled that appt., and called on the 13th to reschedule. The first available spot was 9:45 a.m. on the 14th! So I've already been, got a clean bill of oral health and some samples.
I'm still plugging away on the Moc Croc Mark II second sock, with 4" of the foot done --which means this cuff-down pair is very close to being done! I have been looking at sock yarns online, as if I actually had moola to spare for such luxury as new yarn. I will have to start another pair as soon as MCM-II is done, preferrably in a (mostly) green colorway. I'll go stash-diving this weekend, I'm pretty sure I can find what I need.
The mitered-square Dolly Blankie is coming along rather slowly; it's mostly TV knitting, and I just don't have much time for TV anymore. I've about decided it needs a backing, to help hide all those ends of cotton yarn. It'll have to be thin fleece, but whether a plain pastel, white, or a print? I haven't a clue. Maybe I'll carry the finished blankie to the fabric store.
I haven't started Sis' felted latte cozy yet. She specifically mentioned felted. The only way I can think to get it to fit would be to garter stitch a rectangle, felt the heck out of it, sew some toggle buttons at one end, and cut a few rows of "buttonholes" across the other end. In fact, I'll likely cut slits all the way 'round, make 'em look like a "design feature" -- and I could embroider around a few of them, too. Yeah, there's an idea. Wonder if the toggles would tear up the felt? Only one way to find out!

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TheBlackSheep said...

Hope you're feeling better. Being sick is never fun, but being sick in the summer is awful! Good luck with the felting. I'm sure it will turn out just fine, toggles or no!