Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hanging on by a thread

I'm not apologizing for being absent, just letting you know: I was SICK, you vultures! Bronchitis again *sigh (immediately followed by kaff-coff-kaff)*, another doctor visit. I'm still coughing, but not as puny as I was. For about 3 days, I got sleep 10 minutes at a time, then woke up & coughed for 10 minutes, ad nauseum. Talk about tired!
I'm making a third Dolly Blanket for Princess Tess' babies, even though I've still to send the 2nd one. I have a bag full of Sugar N Creme in various pastels, which are being worked into mitered squares - very cute! Sis has asked for a cozy for her tall latte; I will have to check the stash for something feltable. Should be fun! I started the Feather & Fan stole again, this time with US 6 circular needle, and alternating skeins every other row. No more pooling & flashing! It should come out with a more consistent color over the entire thing. Not that it wasn't lovely; but it will be lovelier now!
We had a bit of a financial melt-down at Chez Plaid Patrol -- the bank screwed up by dinging us for two mortgage payments, although we'd only authorized one. We had funds for one mtg. payment and weekly essentials (minimal groceries, gas, doctor visit). Needless to say, the second mtg payment sent us into the red in a big way, and we didn't even know it for almost a week! So we're blithely using the debit card for groceries & gas, and our life insurance autodrafts came out.
ETA: We missed a credit on our tax return, and got a check from the IRS!! Surprise! The Plaidman had to call them up & ask if it was "really" our money. And Pup sent a check too, God bless him. So our straits aren't quite so dire at the moment. We've made a pledge: No more checks by phone! Then I had to stop the Plaid One from making one just two days ago...he went to the library to do it online instead.
The mitered Dolly Blanket is moving quite slowly. The second sock is moving along well:

And, saving the best for last, at a job fair over on the Lipscomb campus, Plaidman got hired!! He's in training today & tomorrow, which is our 33rd wedding anniversary. After that he's going to work 3rd shift, not so great actually, but at least it's a job! I'm so relieved.

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