Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Take a style, kid!"

Years ago I heard of an aerialist family, showcasing their newest star -- a teenaged granddaughter of the Pater Familias. She was up on the highwire, no net beneath her, and doing great! She'd made it all the way across, turned and was halfway back when she lost her footing and fell. Her grandfather caught her! He immediately put her on her feet and told her to "take a style": she was to act as if her fall was part of the act, and make a grand fluorishing bow. She did it too. Well, here's mine:

TAA-DAA!! An entire new Moc Croc Soc, Mark II! And the mate's been started, with about 2" of the leg done already. This "first" one, on the Addi 40" with Magic Loop, was done a lot more quickly than the absolute first one, which was done on DPNs. Back then (April 2008! I've taken my sweet time on these!), I wanted to knit socks like the Harlot. I'm so over it now. I think I could actually work two at once on the Addi circs. I have sock yarn, just need to decide on (FREE) pattern(s). I have a gold/green/tan/brown mix, self-striping, that will need a pattern that doesn't get lost in all that color. I have a bright cherry red that needs some texture or lace to make it pop. I have various other self-stiping yarns, which were a bit less expensive (Heart & Sole), but I'd especially like to hear anyone's ideas for the gold/green & red yarns. I've been studying what's available on Ravelry, and my head's about to explode from info overload. So, I've got like 200 sock patterns favorited on Ravelry, loads of photocopies from library books about socks, and of course several books in my own library to consult--whew! I wish I could do a giveaway of some sock yarn for ideas, but folks there's no telling when I'll be able to buy yarn again! So what's in the stash is my "lys" for the time being.
I have another commission, for an earflap cap for a baby/toddler, with a look of a monkey face to it--of course, there's tons of earflap cap patterns out there, and just as a coincidence I happen to have the colors requested in my stash--so when I use them up, & get paid to do so, I'll have a little $ to set aside for future yarny purchases.
Let's just see it once more, shall we?

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