Monday, November 29, 2010

In a hurry

Just got a minute or two, to say that I finished re-working the Christmas Granny Square stockings! They're to be washed today, & get photographed, & then they'll come up to work with me tomorrow! Maybe I can get the recipient to pose with them draped over her? I recently bought a sim card for my phone, and found out that the camera in the phone actually takes a fair pic. Nice to know, huh? Other FOs are the teal cob-stitch mitts & the brown ones for Abby; will get pics ASAP (it's rainy today). Did a dumb thing this morning: packed a project without a) the pattern or b)the next size of needles. So it's sitting on the desk, stuck on the row before the needle size change. GRRR!

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fleegle said...

I have been knitting small things--mitts, neckwarmers--while plodding through the Queen Susan border. I am hoping to finish that by the New Year, and then have miles of edging. Blergh.

If you are ever in North Georgia, stop in!