Monday, November 29, 2010

In a hurry

Just got a minute or two, to say that I finished re-working the Christmas Granny Square stockings! They're to be washed today, & get photographed, & then they'll come up to work with me tomorrow! Maybe I can get the recipient to pose with them draped over her? I recently bought a sim card for my phone, and found out that the camera in the phone actually takes a fair pic. Nice to know, huh? Other FOs are the teal cob-stitch mitts & the brown ones for Abby; will get pics ASAP (it's rainy today). Did a dumb thing this morning: packed a project without a) the pattern or b)the next size of needles. So it's sitting on the desk, stuck on the row before the needle size change. GRRR!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish list giveaway

The giveaway I mentioned on last post is for one's "wishlist" on In order for them to save your wishlist you do have to register on the site, make a wishlist of their products (not hard to do; they've got TONS of stuff for knitters!), save it & share it through a link on the wishlist page or in your blog. I've done both, as I believe in redundancy.
This Thursday, we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the good ol' US of A. A lot of employers allow their staffs to bring in & share food during the week, and for our department this is the day. I took a couple of "before" pictures of my plate, and plan to snap one "after". Yes, I'm blogging at work, but I have my "Break Time" sign up at my desk so it should be ok. Blogging and eating; I think I need a bib.
I worked a lot of overtime last week, was up in the office both Friday & Saturday. I was nearly done Friday when DiscoDame called to say that Plaidman was going to drop her at the library (she doesn't drive!) & go to work, so could I please come pick her up later, and by the way, what's with the box of yarn on the front porch? I knew nothing about a box of yarn. Turns out I had a "run-by yarning"; the neighbor lady had been to a yard sale & bought me a box of assorted yarn! Wasn't that lovely? They're both such nice people. I see lapghans in their future....
"So, CeltChick, what's new on the knitting front?", you ask politely. We-a-l-l, it kinda stalled this past weekend because of my work schedule, but I will be burning up the needles this weekend. I did finish one pair of mitts, and got to start the thumb gusset on another. I plan on two more pairs of mitts; after that I want to work on something else for a bit! Maybe hats, maybe bookmarks or headbands/earbands (depending whether the recipient is a gal or a guy!), nothing as big or time-eating as a scarf. I have a hard time deciding which items to knit after the mitts. Hats are really pretty quick so I think I'll do 4-5 of those.
I got on Facebook weekend before this last one, to find a quick note from The Amazing Abigail. I did write back, but as I haven't been back to Facebook since I don't know if she got my message. It occurs to me that she'd had her internet priveleges pulled; I sure hope she wasn't cheating on her punishment! Oh yeah, The Amazing One gets punished now & again. Sis is watching out for her nestlings.
Now, time for gratuitous kitteh pics:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wish I may..

See my wish list from Knit Picks?

If I share it, I could win it! Until 11/22/10 you could share yours too & maybe you'd win it. Ok, go now...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A winner?

I'll bet I've commented on a dozen different knitbloggers' "giveaways", just this week. Sure would be nice if the Magic Number Generator picked my comment, once in awhile! No, I'm not giving you any links; you can just got out there I find them yourselves.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Up in smoke

I had a dream to finish, over the weekend, the two pairs of fingerless mitts on the needles. One is the lovely pattern I designed in teal acrylic, looks like this:

Unfortunately, I forgot what needle size I'd used for the first one, before I started two other projects...the upshot of which, is that when I made a second one, it was wa-a-ay smaller than the first one. Well that first one was huge, so I frogged it & have since finished it with the same needles used for the "second" one. The other pair on the needles is a slightly tweaked version of Raging Fingerless (Gloves? Mitts? brain is swiss cheese & this bit seems to have slipped away!), which is an F. Pea design. My version looks like this:

These are the second pair I wanted to finish, as the first one (pictured above) was well on the way to being done. But with the delay in getting the teal ones finished, all I managed on the brown pair was to finish the first one and start to cast on for the second--I didn't even finish the cast on, as I fell asleep with the needles in my hands! I was using Pie's Long-Tail Purl cast on alternately with a regular long-tail cast on, to make the cast on edge K2P3. It's pretty slick, but I have to look at her pictures & instructions every time (see above, re: swiss chesse for brains). I still haven't started on a repeat customer's request to modify some of the granny square stockings I'd made. Remember these old friends?:

Yes, they're crocheted. Generally, they need to be bigger. This can be accomplished by frogging the stitches that are holding the two sides together & adding a row of double crochet, or a couple of rows of half-double crochet, to each side before rejoining. It's a good thing I've still got lots of Christmas-y yarns left.

We've been around the bush three times with the &^%^#& auto finance company. I'd set up a payment online, gotten a confirmation, then a week later they started calling about the "delinquent" payment! Meanwhile, we received a statement showing the payment credited. They kept calling anyway! The bank traced down the payment, and spoke to the finance co rep, and she "admitted" the payment had been received. So we know they are bad actors, and if they call us again we'll tell 'em off. But I'm quite pleased with the service from the bank!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be a friend

Go to and see how you can help Tabitha's family bring home an ophan adoptee. For nothing but your good wishes, you can still help by going to and leaving a comment! The Butler boys are all terrific kids (shh! don't tell anyone that Mattie is my favorite!) so I know Tabitha & Danny would be great adoptive parents.

I'm still knitting furiously on the gifts for the holiday. Someday (probably tomorrow!) I'll take my WIPs outside & get some decent pictures, to upload here & on Ravelry & Flickr.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fast but not so furious

My holiday knitting may be outta hand: just figured out the work currently on the needles includes 3 pairs of fingerless mitts, 2 pairs of slippers, and 2 pairs of socks. This doesn't include anything currenty in "hibernation", like the Lorna's Laces stole or the bamboo tank top, or the red sweater that just needs to be seamed up, or the tiny stealth novelties (need at least 3 more knitted, then all felted). However, I've heard from Sis that she's used the latte jacket (tall enough to cover a Starbucks grande, felted, crocheted buttons applied--finished ON HER BIRTHDAY while she was getting her highlights!). She loves it. I'm tickled. I must get started on the girls' bracelet bags ala CAP. When? Your guess is as good as mine...

DiscoDame & I went to Cheekwood on Saturday, to see the Chihuly glass sculptures. Dingbats that we are, we left our camera at home. Now, that wouldn't have been a problem if all the glassworks were indoors, as photography is prohibited in the museum proper. But most of them were outside in the gardens! So we had to run into the gift shop & pick up one of those one-time cameras. We used all 27 shots, then I filled my phone's camera memory and she just about filled hers, and we still wanted to take more pics. You see, in addition to the beautiful glass, there was a Dio De Los Muertos festival going on -- including Aztec and Spanish dancers, lots of folks in costume, a Mexican market, parades, crafts, whew! We were there fore about 3.5 hours, just wore ourselves down to little nubs. After all that, we couldn't face cooking our own dinner, so we went to Dalts & had the special. Anyway, the pictures on the one-time camera aren't on a memory disk, our computer's CD player/reader is borked, and I don't have the equipment to move pics from the phone camera into the computer. So there's no telling when I'll be able to show any of them on the blog. Just imagine Disco & I having an absolutely wonderful carefree day, with lots of walking around a extremely interesting site, and the two of us getting along so well!!

Why yes, I did crochet her shawl. More pics later.