Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fine film

I am still chuckling about DiscoDame's reaction to our "creature feature" on Christmas day. We watched It Came From Beneath the Sea! while we were having dinner (ham, seasoned & roasted cauliflower, rosemary red taters, and collard greens). Every time the beast came onscreen I made sure to scream loudly; the first time Disco dropped her fork, and she jumped *every* *single* *time* afterwards. So worth the hassle (trying to find Barnes & Noble out in Cool Springs -- twice! -- while every freakin' redneck in three counties was zipping around there too), and the $ spent.
I am still working on the Every Way Wrap.2, and Pup's sock(s), and the tiny garter stitch kimono, and I even picked up Dolly Blankie #3 a few times. Shall I make a resolution? Continental knitting is supposed to be so much faster; I believe I'll make it my goal this year to become proficient in Continental style knitting. I have enough yarn for another Every Way Wrap--which I'll make ala Continental style, once I feel I can handle it. There's lots of purling in the EWW, so I'll have to really get good at Continental purling before I attempt another EWW. I was reading about a similar wrap, the Every Which Way Wrap, with lace in it. You know I loves me some lace. Anyway, I'll have to search Ravelry for it. Meanwhile (back at the ranch), I've still got the second Janet beret on the needles; my current lace fixation.

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