Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big Plans

Disco & I have made our plan for Mother's Day -- it will just be the two of us, as the Plaidman is flying to Chicago to visit his mom, aka Mother of Plaid.  Her health has been failing for some months now, and this is likely to be the last Mother's Day she'll be around.  Hmm, I need to dig up those silk corsages I made a few years ago; he can still wear the red one this year.  Disco has a red one too, while mine has been white for many years.  Do you understand the custom?  Red flowers (either roses or carnations around here) mean the wearer's mum is still among the living, while the white flowers honor a mum who's already passed away.  Nana (my mom) has been gone for over ten years now, and I still miss her horribly.  For heaven's sake, go call your Mom! 
Ahem!  Sorry about that, where were we?  The plan for Sunday: we two Celtic ladies will dress divinely and head over to The Rawlings for the buffet luncheon (where I will try to keep it all "South Beach"--help me), then back to the house for quick change to casual couture and on to the movie theater.  As it's Mother's Day, and I'm the Mom, I'm picking the flick: the new Nick Parks & Ardman feature, Pirates-A Band Of Misfits!!!  I adore these crazy claymation films by Parks!  The Curse of the Wererabbit about did me in, I tell ya.  Chicken Run still makes me laugh out loud.  And the Wallace & Gromit shorts are absolutely deadly, especially The Wrong Pants.  I've lately become a fan of Sean the Sheep, as well.  Do check these out, laughter is such a precious commodity, and this body of work is just chock full of it.  I don't want to slip in any spoilers, but I will say I actually fell off the couch laughing at Wrong Pants. 
Ok, so what's up with this South Beach stuff, anyway?  Well, I'm reading up on it, and sorta/kinda implementing more of the gist of it in my diet as I learn more.  I have found a couple of sites online that are helpful:  (I was looking here before I started this diet) (try the search feature)
Anyway, I'm sure there are a slough of sites with SB compliant recipes, and I'll likely look through a bunch more. 

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