Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Round and round

When my employer (hereafter referred to as "Box 'O Docs" or BoD) changed their payroll processor several pay periods ago, they stopped taking the insurance correctly.  Plaidman's coverage was dropped, but not by me!  It's taken weeks of wrangling with the insurance & payroll liasons, but they've finally admitted it was their error.  He's been covered again, but only until the next time we have to sign up for insurance -- seems his change in status (the retirement) isn't a valid reason to put him on our plan, if he wasn't already on it.  And I still don't know if or how the difference in premiums for those weeks when his coverage wasn't being paid, will be deducted from my check.  So, last night, I let the Plaidman know in no uncertain terms that he was really stupid to retire without checking into such things as our financial status & plans, and possible effects on his health insurance coverage.  I really laid into him.  But who takes such a big step without looking first?  Oh yeah, I forgot the family motto, "Any fool can do it the easy way."  I sure hope he likes catfood.
I'm rather glad May is ending, this has been an expensive month what with Plaidman's travel, Mother's Day, and Disco's birthday.  Next up: the Plaidman's birthday followed (very quickly!) by Father's Day.  After that, we have our 35th wedding anniversary, which I expect will be a total dud -- we won't have enough cashola for much celebrating, and the "free (as in "best things in life") type of celebration is just not happening -- not on my watch anyway.
ETA: This post kinda got lost in the shuffle--but I'll put it out there today, 6/13/12

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