Friday, April 12, 2013

from foreign lands

I have been visiting with the family in South Texas, and I'm having a terrific time.  Wednesday was arrival in San Antonio, which is a lovely town.  Dear Ol' Pup carried me to a shop called The Yarnivore, only a few miles from his house.  The folks there were lovely, and I really wanted to take some pictures of them.  I took out the camera, and it opened the lens, but then the batteries went dead.  So no pictures -- and I have their business card with the names of all their folk, but it's in another room.  Thursday Pup & I strolled through the San Antonio Botanical Garden, gorgeousness everywhere we looked.  I have pictures, and will be uploading them tomorrow.  But TODAY is the Princess' birthday!  and we're going out to celebrate in about 10 minutes!  She's eight today, and so much more mature than the last time I saw her, and so wonderful.  Happy Birthday, Princess Peerless!

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