Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dinner time!

OOh, please pardon the blurry pic!  These are stitch marker sets, on small lanyard hooks attached to a jewelry hanger.  Disco makes these!  She uses several sizes of rings, so if there's a size you'd like to see just tell me in comments -- sizes are in mm, mostly jump rings.

My title today is a reference to the Harlot's phrase, "Done like dinner", 'coz I'm done with the departmental ruffle scarves!  The last two will be given today, to coworkers I rarely see.  Next up is an experiment, to see if a neon orange ruffle yarn from Red Heart Sashay can be tea-dyed to look more like Vols orange, which is a bit more muted than the neon shade.  Yep, I know some Tennessee fans, and I'd like to make some things for them -- but finding that ruffle yarn in orange is a trial!  Whether or not the tea dyes the orange into a more suitable shade, I'll be knitting that yarn with a very white ruffle yarn into a super scarf for the fan.  And after that, NO MORE RUFFLE SCARVES!!  I'm pretty burnt out on 'em....

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