Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prompt #2 In your wildest dreams, where would you love to see you hobby/skill/craft take you?

Well, I'm not sure I need it to take me anywhere.  I would like to go to Rhinebeck, or Squam, or if there's ever another Sock Summit I'd like to attend.  Ooo, I just had a thought: a knitting cruise!  With Franklin Habit & Meg Swanson as instructors.  I want my knitting & crochet to remain hobbies, as stress relief.  These crafts are my avocation, not vocation.  I am Da Knittah, but I have a day job too! 
I have absolutely no idea where our camera is hiding.  The desk that was its home was taken apart to move, put back together, taken apart again, moved partially, and half of it is still in another room.  Moving sucks big time.  We still haven't found the stamps, but since most of the bills get paid online that may not be an issue.  The other Plaid Patrollers went back to the old home today, and collected all kinds of "stuff", like my big wool coat and the cookie cutter collection.  Does anyone know where my Eeyore collection landed? 


Rebecca said...

hahahaha a knitting cruise! best idea ever!

Nin Leavitt said...

Oh, I agree! Knitting cruises are super fun! If you can, grab the opportunity. We only live once.
I haven't been to the retreats you mentioned. This fall, I'll be doing KnitEast in St. Andrews, New Brunswick Canada. Just a hop, skip and a jump away. Norah Gaughan will be my highlight. I took one of her lectures at Vogue Knitting NYC 2014. She is awesome!