Friday, January 16, 2015

Volga Boatmen

...probably move faster than we've done.  We're still in the throes of packing boxes, that is, after going through a closet/chest/the stash to see what we can get rid of.  The other two members of the Plaid Patrol have turned into laundry fiends, all they want to do is wash clothes.  This takes forever because the dirty clothes have to be sorted & packed in the car, then hauled the whole way across the county, then washed & dried one load at a time, then repacked in their respective baskets or put on hangers, then hauled all the back across the whole county...hours of work, during which they're both unavailable for packing anything else.  Or doing any housework at the old homestead, where our beds and food and cooking equipment reside.  I get home after work, and no one else is there, and the place is a wreck.  I think I'll have to suggest that Disco be left at the new home with the laundry while the Plaidman gets crackin' on the packin' at the crackerbox house.  I can pick her up after work, and take her back to her own bed.
Well, that didn't exactly work out as planned, but things are looking better: we rented a UHaul truck (so handy having a spouse who's used to driving a truck!) for 4 days (I took some vacation time) and loaded up al the "heavy" stuff, and now we're living at our new home!  The Plaidman & DiscoDame are shifting back to the crackerbox during the day, to sort & pack & load into the car whatever they can.  We're leaving the large dresser and Disco's massive vanity behind as both are ancient and ugly to boot.  The vanity has got to weigh close to 250 lbs.  We've kept the chest and my nightstand, but both went to Disco's suite downstairs.  So the only furniture we've got in the master bedroom is our very old bed; we've nowhere to put all our folded clothing, and nowhere to set up my accessories.  I'm working with a limited wardrobe and just 3 headbands, and having to get inventive to come up with different outfits.  However, that will soon change!  We went to a furniture store and ordered an entire new bedroom: queen bed, small dresser with mirror, tall chest, and two nightstands -- and all matching!!  No more gypsy furnishings in the master bedroom!  Now if we can just get the other furniture store to deliver the items we've already paid for (sofa & end tables for the living room, matching loveseat for Disco's suite), we'll be doing our business in high cotton.  I had to shake my head at my two "techies" trying to get the cable & internet hooked up.  We thought we could have the wireless gateway in another room from the TV, but it's not working.  The computer hutch was already set up in the front room, but will have to be moved to the living room.  All  I can say is, have fun you crazy kids. 
In Knittin' News, I've started with contrast color 1 in my Color Affection shawl -- so exciting ('s garter stitch, how thrilling could it be?).  I did have a slight bump in the road, not so much in the knitting as in "animal control" -- one of the two felines barfed (just a little) in the bag of yarn, and I had to wash one skein of Shibui Sock.  Sh*t ain't the only that happens.

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