Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three cheers

We closed on the condo purchase on Friday!!  Huzzah!  I have the original key, and made copies for the rest of the Plaid Patrol.  Three guesses as to what was first moved into our new digs.  Go on, you'll get it if you think about it.  Yes!  You're right, it was yarn!  I loaded up the Red Menace with boxes and bundles of yarn (all light enough for me to handle), and some tools, and scooted off to our home.  I moved maybe a fifth of the stash, and I'll move more mid-week -- I'd like to keep it from being knocked around or trampled underfoot by the movers.  I'm claiming the front room as my craft space.  I can have the sewing machine set up & ready whenever I might be moved to sew.  Funny, I never used to think that was fun.  Then I started finding blogs about revamping old clothes into new styles, and thought I could do that.  It looks like I'll "inherit" the large bookcase for the craft room too.  The Plaidman built it specifically to house some of my larger knitting books and magazines, out of 1" X 12" boards.  I'm going to need a narrow table for the sewing machine, swift, and winder.  Although we've a small desk that might serve for the sewing machine, I don't think it will accomodate the other two items.  There just isn't enough of a "lip" around the top to hold those tools.  We're going over to American Freight later (this week? the weekend?) , so I'll look for something suitable then.  We need a lot of furniture...dining table & chairs, sofa & either a loveseat or two comfy chairs for the living room, lamps for the LR & Disco's den & the craft room.  Disco has a built-in bookcase in her basement suite.  I think a good floor lamp would work well down there; if I can get a good deal I'll buy two.  We have to figure out where the computer desk will go, and where the stereo will reside -- I'm thinking the "breakfast nook" would be a good place for that; we've got a stand for it.
ETA:  We've started carrying lighter boxes of "stuff" to the new place.  Maybe half of the stash has landed in the upstairs "craft" room.  Now we're splitting time between the two homes, 'coz we carried all the laundry there -- as Dog is my witness, we will not wash clothes at a laundromat again! -- even though we can only process 1 wash and 1 drying load at a time.  Hours of work, during which I wandered away to the craft room and picked up my swatch for Color Affection.  I frogged it, and started the shawl!  Startitis strikes again.  This was Sunday.  Yesterday, our dining table and chairs were delivered.  Plaidman & Disco worked together to put the legs on it, then he left her to work on the chairs while he drove to the Box O'Docs to pick me up.  Of course we had to go back for Disco, and I wanted to see the table.  We actually haven't had a dining table since we left West Nashville, some 18 years ago!  I'm not sure what the general plan is for today.

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