Thursday, December 4, 2014


Not too many folks have this quality.  I knit a covering onto a holiday ball, and brought it in for our office ornament swap.  We drew numbers, and in turn picked up an ornament -- mine was the last one picked.  Did I mention that all the ornaments were wrapped?  I think the yarn bow I put on mine may have been too big a clue.   Well, I thought it was cute!  Most of my other knitting is in a holding pattern, as the Plaid Patrol wrestles with the paperwork and the physical work of getting ready to move.  Yep, we're buying a condo.  Disco will have a very large room (30' X 12"!  Half the basement!) that she can divide as she wishes.  She'll have her bath too -- no more waiting for her to get out of the bath.  Last night, as I pulled into the driveway, I saw the Plaidman & Disco at the shed.  They'd pulled a lot of "stuff" out; their mission was to find out if we still had a small dining table and an iron twin bed in there.  Disco is tired of her platform bed, and I was hoping we still had the iron bedstead.  The two of them did get a lot of trash out of the shed, but no table or bedstead.  I think she'll just have to keep the platform bed for now.  We do plan to buy a whack of furniture, as the condo is about 2.5 X bigger than the little crackerbox house.  Currently, we don't even have a couch!  We had a futon for a long time, then the frame started breaking down.  The plan is to move the fridge & oven out to the shed while we have the floors redone throughout the little house.  I'm not hurrying to get that done, we can take our time as long as the outside is maintained. 

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