Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A blur

That's what this weekend was.  We've been super busy: we made an offer on a condo!  And it's been accepted!  The condo is about 2.5 times larger than our little crackerbox house, and it's clear on the other side of town.  My commute to work will be about 20-30 minutes, instead of 45-90 (yes, if the weather's inclement it takes an hour & a half {!!!} to get home, mostly because everyone else drives like a Nashvillian).  "Oo, oo, what is this stuff falling from the sky?!?!"  I need an Abrams tank. 
Our new home has 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms; there are stairs down to a finished basement which has one of the bathrooms, plus one large & one small closet, and a covered patio.  This 30' x 12' room will be Disco's den.  The master has its own bath, and the front bedroom (my office/craft room!!) has a bath in the hall.  We'll have a fireplace, dishwasher, washer & dryer, skylights, a little dining room (more of breakfast alcove, really).  There's a covered deck off the living room; the Plaidman has already started talking about screening it or maybe enclosing half as a Florida room & screening the other half -- it's quite wide.  The flies in the ointment are pretty obvious; who know we'd have to pony up some much money on the front end?  There are only about a gazillion fees associated with the loan application itself.  And then there's this: I hate to move.  I hate it with a burning passion.  Since the Plaidman & I became permanent roomies, we've moved all of 4 times.  Since 1975.  That works out to (scribble scribble) once per decade.  And until this last move takes effect, we'll have lived exclusively on the west side of Nashville.  I'm psyching myself up for it.

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