Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Knit or not to knit

I haven't started holiday knitting.  I rather think I'll give it a pass this year--I've got enough on my plate right now, why would I add any more stress?  But I still troll thru Ravelry for quickie accessory patterns!  I have no idea how many fingerless mitt or cowl patterns I have in my library there.  I want to knit ALL the things!  Just got the new Knit Picks catalog yesterday, those rotten enablers are tempting me to try the Fox Paws pattern...must look away!  The designer used Knit Picks Palette.  The catalog has a 150 color pack for just (gulp!) $419.oo  and change.  See, the Fox Paws doesn't require any stranded or intarsia knitting.  It's fabulous color shifts are worked with increases and decreases only!  So I could probably manage it, provided I was willing to knit nothing else until it was done.  And I want it soooo much. 
I ordered a book from Interweave, and re-upped my subscription Sigh! in spite of really being a bit peeved about not being able to download some of their freebies.  I've thought about getting Vogue Knitting too -- but right now I'm trying not to add too much "clutter" to the tiny homestead.  We've had roofers out with estimates, and selected one about a month ago.  Of course, then we had the wettest October in living memory, and nothing could be done.  Our roofer's gotten backed up, since they couldn't work much at all in October.  No one wants to be on a roof in a storm, unless that's the only part of the house not underwater!  So now we're just "hanging fire" while we wait on a roof, and trying to figure out other ways to tidy up the tiny house before we sell the sucka.  Speaking of which, I had an interesting discussion with a loan manager at the bank, and now I'm really pumped and ready to buy a house (actually, a condo -- the Plaidman just can't "do" yardwork anymore). 

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