Friday, March 6, 2015


The Plaidman has carried the computer hutch's drawers out of the craft room, & replaced them into the hutch!  I have enough room in the craft room now, to be able to set up a camp chair and work on getting my magazines into the bookcase. 
Over the weekend I set up my etagere in the master bedroom.  So far, it's holding my large collection of headbands, and a smaller collection of haircombs.  Decent haircombs are hard to find anymore.  The Plaidman has found that he only needs one drawer of the tall chest for his folded clothes, and said I could have all the others.  This is good, as I need somewhere to put some sweaters!  I did hang the big crocheted kimono in the hall closet; that thing would take up an entire drawer itself. 

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