Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(Very) Short Stories

How's about another blog prompt, via Rebecca Bee Designs?  The 8th prompt is Crafting in Public Stories.  I don't mind working on my knitting in public, but I don't seem to generate the crazy responses some crafters get.  I will work my magic in the doctors' offices, and in parks.  Since I now drive everywhere rather than using public transport, I don't often get to knit while traveling.  Side note: I don't want any haters going on about how I should support public transport.  I rode the buses absolutely everywhere for so many years, before we moved way out to the boonies of northwest Davidson County.  Out there, there was no such thing as public transportation.  If Disco wanted to get to the library or look for a job, I had to let her ride into town with me.  Now, we're within walking distance of a bus line, the library, the grocery, about 4 restaurants, an eye doctor, a dentist, and a beauty salon or 3.  But the logistics of getting the 10 miles from my door to the office by public transport would be nightmarish!  You can't there from here, unless you start out the night before.  Public knitting:  I've "done" the WWKIP thing a few times, most notably in a tiny town square not far from Nashville.  That was fun!  I've WWKIP'ed in Centennial Park once, and at a Panera Bread restaurant once.  I think I much prefer to be in public indoors, as it's usually pretty hot here around that time. 
Moving on, the next blog prompt asks for "your least favorite thing ever made".  Goodness knows, I've made a few fuglies in my time.  I have a shawl (crocheted, acrylic!) in a sort of maple-bronze Lion Brand Homespun, alternating with black boucle stripes.  It's semi-fugly, but I don't wear it much because my wardrobe changed colors.  Then there's the bobble knit hat, in a frowsy eyelash yarn -- bright red! -- which truly looks like a cow's afterbirth.  Just exactly what the smart knitter wants to wear on her head, yes.  I think that one might take the prize for least favorite, since I can't even frog the stuff.  Then there's the socks I made for my sister: actually quite lovely, lacey, terrific color -- but after spending lots of time knitting them, they just disappeared into her purse.  I've never seen them worn.  So those socks were heartbreakers, even though they were pretty.

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