Thursday, April 16, 2015


The Plaidman has just one job relating to our finances: he must prepare the tax return.  Last year we made quite a few changes, and actually drew funds out of my retirement account -- a lot of funds!  All in a good cause, getting the crackerbox house paid off, and getting a good down payment for our new digs.  So we had more paperwork this year than last, but had it all collected in one place & ready for Plaidman's perusal by the end of February.  Guess when he finally decided to work on the taxes -- it was just Tuesday, the day before the filing had to be sent!  Our extra funds put us in a higher tax bracket, and we owe many dineros.  We'll be paying on the installment plan, and eating lots of beans for the next six months.....good thing I've learnt to like beans.....
Disco has been following up on her employment offers, and we're crossing our fingers that at least one pans out for her.  If she could pick up her insurance and student loans, that would relieve some of the $ pressure on us old folks.  She tried to tell me that she would have to "save up" for a while before she could start paying on those things -- so I'm pressing her to find out what she's saving up for, as I know she doesn't want to move away.  Yes, she needs to start saving for retirement, but honestly there's very little else she needs that we aren't providing.  I don't want to take her entire paycheck, but feel that we're owed the lion's share!  Disco, if you read this please comment & let me know what you think.  I am open to discussion.

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