Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not yet

But soon, kittens!  What happened: we were "invited" to download a free upgrade to Windows 10.  So the Plaidman jumps right in on it.  Then it got  "stuck" -- for about 12 hours!  Neither our tech gal, DiscoDame, nor the Plaidman could get it to proceed.  And they couldn't get out of it either!  Much gnashing of teeth and turning the air blue!  We finally contracted with a service to come out & hopefully get it up & running.  The service tech came out, first thing he did was to back up everything on the hard drive.  This turned out to be absolutely vital.  After two hours of toting that barge, and a few phone calls to the office, he discovers it's a Windows 10 issue, and one that's pretty well been kept out of the news.  A lot of users are having problems with the W-10 download, because of their firewalls or other security systems.  So, we had to completely close down our security, and start from scratch to get Windows 10 to download.  Then, it wouldn't access the materials on our hard drive!  Nor would it read the back-up disk that the tech had made!  So, we had to go through several more procedures, and have the poor tech dude out to the house several days in a row, but it  looks like we're back up.  Yes, he did get the backed-up data loaded into our hard drive.  I don't even want to think about how much this cost.  I'm hoping to get in some serious computer time this weekend, to update the Challenge and move it to it's own page on the blog.  Not looking forward to it; editing my photos takes a while, loading them the way I want takes a while, and I'll have the spreadsheet to update and descriptive language to add for each's another freakin' job!

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