Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week 6 (omg, of 50!) Challenge

This week's Challenge entries will take us through day 30, not quite one-eighth of the 250 I'm shooting for.  Later, I'll move the earlier Challenge posts over to another page.
Monday I wore my favorite Westbound Woman tan stretch slacks (with added cuffs -- I have to hem every blessed thing, why not add cuffs while I'm at it?).  The blouse is by Millenium, and has small square and round studs on the front (bib area).  It's a booger to iron, but a fabulous color.  I added an 18" silver chain with a silver & turquoise cross, plus another longer silver chain.  There's a silver bracelet too.  The sandals are my studded Trendsetters, and the purse is another fave: the aqua croc!

Tuesday it rained on my parade, and everyone else in middle Tennessee, but I had on something lovely: this Silkland Woman 100% silk multi-color print blouse!  Paired up with my ancient Investments black poly pullons, with added cuffs, and the Modern Metals tri-color multi-chain necklace, gold and onyx hand made earrings (from the big craft fair), and my black BORN shooties.

Oops, looks like I forgot to change purses!  But the aqua croc actually works with this blouse.  We had the photo shoot indoors, because of the wind & rain.
Wednesday is full of woe (or so the rhyme would have it), and woe = blues, so that's what I wore.  My very old royal blue East Fifth trousers, with a blue & white checked Lauren by Ralph Lauren shirt, the bright blue Alfani sandals, the navy purse, the heavy golden & rhinestone chain, and some cute articulated fish "fishhook" earrings.  Disco found them at a flea market and bought them for me, she's so sweet!

 Incidentally, she's blogging again.  Check her out at
Tell her you want some stitchmarkers, if you want to make her day.
Thursday I could smell Friday on the wind, which is why I wore the tan stretch cuffed trousers again--hey, Plaidman did laundry during the week, so they were clean!--with a Croft & Barrow Woman coral & blue paisley print blouse, the Trendsetters, some coral & goldtone beads in a long loop ($2.50 @ WalMart!), matching earrings ($5 @ WalMart), and a light caramel colored purse.

And at last!  Friday!!  I got seriously casual for Casual Day, but it's still designer goods.  The jeans are Gloria Vanderbilt Signature, the polo shirt is also Gloria Vanderbilt; I put on my beloved old SAS sandals and a single heavy gold chain; the navy purse reappeared.

These jeans are some that Sis gave me, rather long for me but I see "everyone else" wearing them rolled up so I followed suit.  I'm not hemming jeans if I don't have to do so.
See those sunglasses?  My mother gave me those frames.  She passed away twelve years ago.  I adore big sunglasses, so that's how I've used these -- with prescription lenses, of course.  Thanks, Mom.

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