Monday, September 14, 2015

Another day

But not just any's Monday.  I bound off the Jadeite Color Affection on Saturday!  Now it just needs a bath & blocking, plus weaving in a few ends.  Note to self: read a lot of the comments on Ravelry before starting a project!!  I am so disappointed by the tight top edge to this shawl, and so many other Ravelers have commented on it as well.  Thankfully, some of them came up with solutions! So, I've decided that the Honey Color Affection really ought to be frogged & reworked with one of the solutions from Ravelry.  Also in the larger needle size -- and with the rows that somehow got left out the first time I knit it.  Sheesh. 
I did add to the Workday Outfits Challenge page; you'll have to scroll down to the bottom.  Disco & I need to work out how to add distinct posts to this page -- maybe I should be posting in the main page, then copying to the other page?  I am so not tech savvy. 

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