Sunday, September 27, 2015


        That's pretty much all I've done today.  Sorry, the Workday Outfits update will have to wait 'till tomorrow.  I had today off work, after working a half day yesterday.  And after work, I rolled on home for lunch, then the Plaid Patrol headed for the Tennessee Crafts Fair.  I did walk around past about 70% of the booths, with stops as available to sit & rest.  None of us bought any handcrafted items.  I think the Plaidman was determined to rein in any more spending on birthday swag for me!
            Which is totally cool, since we made a stop at Bliss Yarns on my birthday -- and I got nine stamps on my discount card!  I am the delighted owner of a set of sweater blockers from Fiber Fantasy, nine balls of Rowan Pure Wool Superwash DK, 3 balls of Cascade Yarns Roslyn (also DK), and a ball of Lana Gatto Super Soft which looks very close to UT orange.  All this was pretty close to $200.00.  And my yarn buying moratorium is officially over.  As to why it's all DK weight: I did go through my yarn stash as I was clearing it from the closet, and saw that I had lots of lace weight, fingering, worsted, and bulky yarns -- but no double knit weight at all.  And I actually bought all these yarns with specific projects in mind!  Not my usual method, which is to go pet lots of yarn and buy a bunch of the most appealing.
         Well, I've got to finish this.  I'm working 6 days next week, and probably will for about a month.  ICD-10 is just around the corner, and all our coders are being pressed for 50 hours weekly.  I sure hope it's only for a month.

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