Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'm mad as ...

     So, the feeling of being absolutely heartsick over the election has started to fade, but I'm mad now. We messed up, people!!  Folks are scared, and I don't see how they could feel otherwise.  The worst of us are being emboldened to act out, targeting people who aren't just like them.  And La Donald is so sincere in telling them to stop.  Heck yeah, he'd better step up and be more forceful about telling the haters to stand down, grow up, and behave like civilized folks.
     So, now I see there's a call to eliminate the Constitutional amendment that created the Electoral College -- as if that will happen anytime soon.  Did you know the states set how their electoral votes are allocated?  There's a movement now to get states to set up their allocation so that whomever takes the popular vote in the state, will get all the electoral votes.  I'm looking into that for my state, as we're not among the dozen or so that have already gone that way.  You can check it out by Googling "National Popular Vote"; I think it'll be one of the first sites listed. knitting lately, I've been escaping my pain in books.  Yes, when I voted early it was at the library, so I brought home some books.  One was a Wild Card collaboration, High Stakes, edited by George R.R. Martin; it was pretty far out there.  Another was by Louise Penny, A Great Reckoning, which comes into the station at speed, making my head spin.  And I've nearly finished Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson.  This one gave me fits: first it was kinda slow starting, then for a reason know only to him TomTom kitty decided that when Gramma is reading that book, he needs to claim my lap and both hands have to be devoted to adoring the cat.  I think I have about 4 pages left....I may have to sneak out to the car with it....
     I have a two-day work week this week, so I'll try to block some FOs and get some pics (probably with an orange kitty in them sigh) on here.  Must knit faster!

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